Management of pain and anxiety before and during dental treatment is very important. Conscious sedation is offered to patients to help them to relax and manage their dental treatment.

There are a number of different types of sedation offered, which will  be discussed at an assessment appointment, these are:

  • Inhalational sedation- (Happy air sedation) using nitrous oxide and oxygen, breathed in through a nose piece. It has properties which will leave you feeling relaxed and feeling able to manage your treatment. Once treatment is complete recovery is very quick. This type of sedation works very well for children.
  • Intranasal and Oral sedation- normally reserved for additional needs patients or children needing sedation before a general anaesthetic.

Sedation is very safe

There are some associated risks but most of these can be avoided by making online pharmacy no prescription sure you are suitable for treatment at the assessment visit.

Once treatment is completed you will be discharged back to your referring dentist for continued care.

Who needs sedation

Anxious or phobic patients can access the sedation service via a referral from their dentist (General Dental Practitioner) or their doctor.


How long might treatment last & what treatment options may be involved


The length of treatment will depend on the amount of treatment needed. Some patients will require a number of treatment appointments to complete their treatment.

Referrals & Criteria

For all questions regarding referrals, please contact our referrals team

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