Stephanie Twidale

Non-Executive Director

Stephanie Twidale has a very wide range of experience within dentistry, much of it relevant to our business and a Board role.

Over her career she has spent a total of 13 years working for 5 different Community Dental Services, at both the start of and later years of her career. These posts covered clinical work, including in mobile units, administrative duties and research. Clinical duties included children and special needs, “out-of-hours”, and prisons. Stephanie also has more extensive knowledge of prisons, having been an Inspector of Dental Services for Her Majesty’s Inspector of Prisons and a President of the National Association of Prison Dentistry UK.

She has a total of 20 years experience as a dental practice owner, having developed two successful multi-surgery practices from scratch.

Experience as a Vocational Trainer, and on the Dental Vocational Training Authority, together with mentoring training undertaken in South Central Deanery in 2010 whilst a Postgraduate Tutor, has given her an understanding of how to assist the development of staff. She has also enjoyed the opportunities to do this by delivering lectures, and most particularly on a face-to-face basis in her own and other practices, working for the Dental Practice Board, Dental Protection, and independently.

21 years service in HM Armed Forces also gives a good background for a Directorship. As a Squadron Commander and Head of Department she had to train and command soldiers and junior officers. She had to work with other senior officers in the Field Hospital, whilst always recognising the authority of the Unit Commanding Officer and Second in Command. Whilst in Iraq, she ran her own department during an operational deployment, attached to and liaising with a Field Ambulance squadron.

Her many roles have equipped her with an extensive knowledge of regulations, record-keeping, ethics, complaint-handling and general clinical governance.