What it means to be Employee Owned

Community Dental Services is an employee owned social enterprise and Community Interest Company

We are an employee owned business totally owned by our employees.  Each permanent employee is issued with a £1 share on successful completion of one year of employment, which would be returned if they left CDS.

The employee owned business sector in the UK is growing because co-owned companies tend to be more successful, competitive, profitable and sustainable.

We believe that as co-owners all our employees can share in our social mission and influence the business decisions we make. Because we are run in an open way, with employee elected members on our Board, we all have a strong commitment to our shared corporate social responsibility and involvement with the communities we serve.

We have high employment standards, involve our employees and give everyone a stake.  As a result we feel that we are better at recruiting and retaining talented, committed people who are more committed to the company and its success.