Training and Appraisals

We are always looking for outstanding people who share our values to join our vibrant team.

We advertise to fill specific posts, which includes an apprenticeship programme and honorary training placements for dental nurses and support work experience placements and volunteers.

We are a teaching organisation and provide Foundation Dentist Training.


We are committed to developing the skills of our employees and recognise that training benefits everyone.

Our employees regularly receive training appropriate for their role. Managers identify and monitor the training and development needs of their team and we support eligible employees to request time for study or training.


We have an appraisal system which follows national guidelines. It recognises the role of regular appraisals in contributing to ongoing quality improvements in all our services through the review of individual performance; it hopes to make the most effective use of individual knowledge, skills, competencies and potential by developing them in the interests of both the organisation and the person.

Everyone who is employed in a substantive capacity will have an annual appraisal interview, also known as ‘performance review’, together with any necessary follow up meetings. Arrangements for bank staff or contractors, including associate dentists, are set out in their respective employment agreements.

Our performance review scheme has been designed to assist people in performing their job to the best of their ability, maximising their job satisfaction and their contribution to the company’s objectives and aligned to our vision and values. It identifies and supports individual training and development needs and highlights the potential that each individual has to develop. It also provides a formal opportunity for people to meet with their manager and present what they feel to be their main achievements over the last 12 months and to make plans for the year ahead.

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