Our Clinics

Improving Oral Health in Ever More Communities

We are Community Dental Services CIC and we provide dental care in 41 clinics across Bedfordshire, Essex, Lincolnshire, Leicestershire, Suffolk and Thetford in Norfolk.

We mostly deliver NHS dental care and oral health promotion advice to both adults and children across a diverse range of communities.

As a Community Dental Service we are different from a High Street dentist as we provide a more specialised service.  This may be for people who would find it difficult to visit a regular dentist like children with physical or learning disabilities or because someone needs specialist care, for example treatment under sedation or because they have complex / additional needs.

Some of our patients are referred to us from High Street dentists for a specific course of treatment, before returning to their regular dentist and a small number of our patients do visit us for regular dental care.

We also offer some privately paid for dental treatments and have a growing ‘Dentist at Home’ mobile service where we offer paid for dental care and home visits to people who find it difficult to travel or to visit a High Street dentist.

The core of our business is to provide NHS dental services to vulnerable groups and our services are predominantly commissioned by Public Health England and Local Authorities.