We understand that developing toothache, sensitivity or losing a filling can be uncomfortable at times.  There are also times when developing toothache becomes very painful and leads to other symptoms which may require urgent care.

If you need emergency care outside of normal working hours

For all emergency appointments which are outside of normal working hours, please contact NHS 111 by dialling 111 from your telephone.

They will ask you questions about your toothache and level of pain and refer you to the best clinic and location to access the care you need.

If you need emergency care during Sunday's and Bank Holidays

Community Dental Services operate an emergency walk-in service on Sunday’s and Bank Holidays (excluding Christmas Day).  These sessions are held at The Dental Care Centre in Bedford and Leighton Buzzard Dental Clinic.  The services are operated as a walk-in service between 9.30am and 11.00am.  Please refer to the contact details for these clinics by clicking on the links below.

Dental Care Centre, Bedford

Leighton Buzzard Dental Clinic

If you need emergency care during normal working hours

When you contact us for an emergency appointment, we will first ask you some questions so we can assess the level of urgency and find out more about your toothache and what has happened.

If you are a current patient of ours, either on a specific course of treatment or one of our long term patients, then you can contact your regular clinic to ask for advice.

If you have not visited a CDS clinic before, then you should first contact your own dentist and ask them for an emergency appointment.

For people who do not have a regular dentist, then you may contact one of the clinics listed on the right of this page to check if we have an available appointment during normal working hours.  We also offer this service on a Saturday morning.   Appointments are limited and allocated on a first come basis and so we advise you to contact the clinic as early as possible and to be as flexible as possible to fit in with the appointment times available.

You may be asked to visit one of our clinics as a ‘sit and wait patient’.  This purely means that we recognise that you need to be seen,  however our clinic is full and we will see you at our earliest opportunity.

In an Emergency

For all emergency appointments outside normal working hours please contact NHS 111

Tel: 111