Routine Appointments

It is important for you and your family to visit your dentist on a regular basis.  We are different from a regualr High Street dentist, in that we provide dental care to people who find it hard to visit a regular dentist, often the most vulnerable in society, as well as providing specialist advice and care for some of the more complex dental problems.

At Community Dental Services we do also offer some routine dental care but, depending upon the age of the patient, only in some of our clinics and then depending upon availability of appointments.

We treat children up until the age of 18 in all our clinics.

We treat adults over the age of 18 in the following clinics:

Dental Care Centre

  • London Road Dental Clinic
  • Queens Park Dental Clinic
  • Sandy Dental Clinic
  • Leighton Buzzard Dental Clinic

Our patients receiving routine care will be offered a full course of treatment as clinically appropriate.  Courses of treatment are provided on the NHS and are subject to NHS charges unless you hold a valid exemption certificate.  We offer the full range of care which is acceptable under NHS rules and regulations.

We also offer some private paid for dental care, which some patients may choose to opt for.

We know that some patients can have difficulties in accessing dental care. We’re here to give high quality treatment and a caring, understanding approach to children and adults with additional needs.

How to refer into the service and who can refer

This service is classed as a ‘self referral’ service.  Therefore anyone wishing to access this care can contact a clinic directly to check availability.

We also have a bariatric chair at our Dental Care Centre for Plus Size patients which enables those people to visit the dentist who may find a standard dental chair uncomfortable.

Waiting Times

As demand for this service grows, we may at times need to hold a waiting list for patients. The demand is different within all the clinics offering this service, so patients are encouraged to contact their clinic of choice for further information.

Referrals & Criteria

For all questions regarding referrals, please contact our referrals team

Tel: 0333 207 4002

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