Our very popular resources can support you in exploring oral health with children, families, patients, service users and work colleagues alike. A range of written material such as leaflets, posters and booklets provide the key information around taking care of our teeth and mouths. There are also many activities which provide a hands-on opportunity to learn about dental and oral care.

Our resources to borrow are listed within the Oral Health Resources list, along with details of how and when these can be booked out – free of charge.  Please read the terms and conditions before you borrow.

A range of leaflets, posters and booklets are available, mostly free of charge within Bedfordshire and Luton.  Additionally, toothbrush packs can be purchased as well as Doidy cups.

Our Oral Health Boxes can be loaned for up to a month and these enable parents and children to talk together, whilst learning about oral health. The boxes each contain song sheets, puzzles, story books, mouth models, brushing charts and an activity booklet.


Below are some comments from those who have borrowed our resources.


  • Thank you so much, the children loved all of the oral health resources and they really brought our topic to life


  • Thank you for supplying the resources, the children had fun visiting the ‘Dentist’ and role-playing.