Homeless and Rehabilitation Mobile Visits

We offer a service where the dentist will come to you for homeless and rehabilitation centres 'Rebuilding Lives' Service.

Our Experience

We have been delivering dental services to homeless and disadvantaged communities since 2003.  There is plenty of documented evidence about how people in this group may neglect their teeth because of their lifestyle but what you hear less about is how treatment can dramatically help anyone in this community as it builds their confidence.

There are a lot of associated health problems that are exacerbated by poor dental health i.e. heart conditions, diabetes and pneumonia but even more associated social problems  i.e. poor appearance causing  lack of confidence, not smiling so unable to greet someone in a positive way effecting job acceptance and how someone feels about themselves affecting low self-esteem.

These are just a few examples but what we have seen for ourselves in the years we have worked with this community, is that anyone who has their smile restored, and that might be just by simply cleaning their teeth, gives them a positive step towards doing something for themselves and helping to change their life style if that’s the path they are choosing. Simply by educating someone of the benefits of why and how we need to look after our mouths, gives that person a choice to make on-going decisions on how they are caring for themselves too.

How we can help you ?

As a Social Enterprise will are able to look at funding opportunities with any organisation where our services are needed. There would be a flexible approach to delivering care and we would be able to give a better understanding of how this could be done once we know your care needs.

Where can we travel to?

The detailed map located on the right of the page will give you more details of where we can deliver this service.

If you would like to discuss this further and look into possible opportunities please contact us.

Contact Us

For all questions regarding our Dentist at Home Service, please contact us

Tel: 01234 310264

Email:  info@cds-cic.nhs.uk