Individual Home Visits

We offer a service where the dentist will come to you 'Dentist to Door'.

We have been taking dental care to people’s homes and residential care homes for many years. We have an experienced team of people who understand the difficulties that can prevent people attending dental appointments.

Would you like the dentist to come to you?

We offer a service where the dentist comes to anyone who feels, for whatever reason, they would like to receive dental care in the comfort of their own home.

Our friendly team of dentists and dental nurses can attend to your oral health needs using specialist portable equipment.

There are 2 options to receiving Dentist to Door visits:

NHS Domiciliary Home Visits in Bedfordshire and Luton

We do offer home visits in Bedfordshire and Luton under NHS regulation although there is a strict national criteria which you have to meet to qualify for this.

It is offered to only those people who are house-bound / bed-bound and are unable to leave their residence for any reason i.e. doctor appointments, hairdresser / barber, podiatry or social occasions etc.

NHS charges apply unless you are exempt owing to benefit or exemption certificates. Please see NHS charges leaflet for details.

Referral will be accepted from individuals, family members, carers or health care professionals.

Once accepted on a referral basis into Community Dental Services, you would be added to the current waiting list. Emergency care will be given preference, but you will be contacted within a 4 to 6 week period with a visit date which will be within 18 weeks of the initial referral. A new referral will be needed for each course of treatment required.

For more information about NHS Domiciliary visits in Bedfordshire and Luton,  please telephone your nearest clinic:

Bedford:  (01234) 310427
Sandy: (01767) 224116
Houghton Regis:  (01582) 512612

Private Home Visits - Dentist to Door

For those of you that do not qualify for an NHS visit we are happy to provide private care for you.

What is the cost?

The cost of each visit is £140 which includes:

  • Travel to your residence
  • Full oral health examination
  • Oral cancer screening
  • Bone loss & tooth mobility assessment
  • A fully quoted treatment plan discussed and agreed with you to meet your needs.

How can I arrange this?

We would welcome you contacting us to discuss your requirements. Our Dentist to Door  service will come out to homes within Bedfordshire and within approximately 10 miles of the Bedfordshire border.

We offer a service where the dentist will come to you.

Our Time to Smile service will come out to individual homes within Bedfordshire and the surrounding Counties. The detailed map below will give you more details of where we can deliver this service. The Patient Leaflet provides more detail about the service.



(click on map to enlarge)

If you think you are in our area, please contact us and we will then be able to advise you if we are able to travel to your location and give you an appointment if required.

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