Mobile Additional Needs Visits

We offer a service where the dentist will come to you if you are in day care or residential care and have additional needs -  'Mobile Additional Needs' service.

People with additional needs will very often have many barriers in accessing dental care. This is problematic for the individual themselves but also for family members or other health care professionals that will be involved in their care.

How can we help you?

We have a team of Specialists in Special Care Dentistry consisting of dentists and dental nurses who are able to travel to your location using our mobile dental units and help remove some of the barriers you will be experiencing.  The Additional Needs Mobile Needs Service would provide your clients with continued care, acclimatising many to have conventional treatment in the future, once trust and bonds have been established with this service and having a positive outcome for many.

On-going preventative programmes are essential to this client group and so there are various methods of us delivering care that you can choose from.

How can we help your teams?

Employees are always involved in daily care routines and they will support people on an individual basis. With this in mind it is important to put employee training in place to help with effective oral care tailored to the individual. We are able to offer an additional training programme to support your teams which would include daily oral care, diet and generalised advise tailored to the individual.

Care Quality Commission requirements will be met with our training programme and oral care visits.

Can we come to you?

Currently we are operating this service in Bedfordshire but welcome new venues to contact us if you feel this service would be of benefit to you. The detailed map located on the right of the page will give you more details of where we can deliver this service.

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