Leicestershire Oral Health Improvement

The Leicestershire Oral Health Improvement Team is commissioned by Leicestershire County Council to deliver oral health messages to key groups such as children, vulnerable adults and older people, particularly in localities where there is the greatest need.

Activities are designed to improve oral health outcomes by establishing good habits and encouraging tooth-friendly environments.  This is partly achieved through training health and non-health professionals, which includes voluntary sector organisations.  Additionally the team lead on organising local events which are underpinned by national campaigns with key professionals and communities.

Supervised tooth brushing programmes are designed to support the Healthy Tots accreditation programme; involving training and the provision of resources to ensure a consistent and evidence-based approach so that children have Healthy Teeth Happy Smiles.

The team work with partners to promote oral health and dental services in residential homes, workplaces and with the general public at higher risk of poor oral health.

The service has a tried and tested Resource Centre that provides free and appropriate resources to front line partners. Many items can be borrowed e.g. the dental role-play resources, while leaflets and posters are provided to spread oral health messages.