Healthy Smiles

The Healthy Smiles award is a public health programme which supports services working with young children to adopt tooth friendly practices.

By implementing the five Healthy Smiles standards, each participating setting helps to;

  • increase the dentist attendance of children in their care
  • promote positive oral health messages to the children, employees and parents
  • reduce the frequency of sugary food and drinks given to the children
  • introduce supervised toothbrushing programme in primary schools and nurseries

Free training is provided by the oral health promotion team to support the employee teams taking part in the award and the new programme.

As we now have the Supervised toothbrushing as a standard for the award we would like to thank the participating schools and nursery for their hard work in piloting the programme, without your support to make the pilot a success this may not have become a standard on the award. Over 300 children in total benefitted from this throughout the pilot and now thanks to the support of these settings many more children across Luton will be benefitting from this fantastic programme - so thank you all. 

  • Beech Hill School/Nursery  - resources were funded by LBC
  • Little People at Whitefields, Birdsfoot Lane LU3 3SS - Resources provided by CDS Action
  • Sundon Stars Pre-school Cranbrook Drive Luton LU3 3EW – resources funded by CDS
  • Butterflies Nursery Redgrave Children and Young People Centre, Redgrave Gardens, Luton LU3 3NQ – resources funded by CDS


Feedback from pilot settings,


Settings reported that other children wanted to join the programme half way through. I advised that this is fine as long as parental consent is gained. Also to note down when they start.


Beech Hill Primary School is encouraging children to look after their smiles.


We feel that the scheme has reinforced the importance of regular brushing and that the children have deepened their understanding of oral health.