Smile Award 

The Smile Award is a unique programme aiming to improve the oral health of adults with learning difficulties. The award is not a ‘one off’ but rather recognises the year on year achievement of promoting optimum oral health.

The award runs from February to September each year beginning with registration and culminating in the Smile Award ceremony.

Every participating home or day centre is supported by the Smile Award team to achieve the criteria of the six standards:


  • Snacks and celebrations: Ensuring celebrations are fun and tooth friendly
  • Snack provision: Drinks and foods between meals need to be tooth friendly
  • Individual care: Dental care and treatment is embedded into care plans and health care passports
  • Oral health activities: Engaging service users with fun, creative learning opportunities around oral health
  • Awareness raising with staff: Ensuring staff feel confident that they are providing the best support regarding oral health
  • Family involvement: Families are aware of the practices which affect and which can improve oral health.

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