Lifelong Smiles

“Achieving Optimum Oral Healthcare In Residential Settings.”


During 2016 CDS promoted the ‘Life Long Smiles’ (LLS) campaign to all care home across the county. By agreeing to participate, the care homes would need to meet a set of standards based on the NICE guidelines for oral health in care homes.

We invited the homes to improve their delivery of oral health care within their facility. This can include; improving the personal dental care a resident receives, an awareness of the different needs and wants for each resident, implementing dietary changes across the homes provision of snacks and drinks and making sure each resident is registered with a local dentist and attends when necessary.

As many employees as possible will receive the training and will be aware of the standards so they understand what is to be achieved. Then two staff members will be in charge of collaborating evidence and initiating any necessary changes. CDS will then follow up after the initial training to discuss care plans, menus and any other issues.
We will support the home to work towards achieving the standards and monitor good practice. Once all evidence is collected and the standards have been met, the homes will then receive their award certificate to be displayed in the home.

So far, five care homes across Oxfordshire have taken part in LLS, which began in November 2016. Each home has received training and have all made improvements to the delivery of oral care and oral health awareness.  They are all currently working towards full accreditation by June 2017.


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