Rutland Supervised Tooth Brushing Programme

Evidence from the three year old (2013) and the five year old (2012/15) surveys indicates that levels of tooth decay in Rutland was higher than the national average.

As a result of the high incidence of decayed teeth, Rutland County Council commissioned Community Dental Services to deliver oral health training and support Early Years settings with the implementation of a Supervised Tooth Brushing Programme (STBP) across Rutland.

Evidence shows that supervised toothbrushing programmes are effective in developing good oral health routine in children, as well as better and more effective brushing techniques. 

Multi agency training has been delivered to people working with children and families which included key oral health messages, brushing techniques, tooth friendly diet, knowledge about fluoride and visiting the dentist.

Training has also been delivered in Early Years settings to support teams in implementing supervised tooth brushing. This has been very well received across Rutland with the following 19 settings participating.

  • The Ark Association 1 Nursery
  • The Ark Association 2 Nursery
  • Belton Pre-school
  • Bright Sparks Pre- School
  • Brook Hill Academy – Reception
  • Brook Hill Academy – Nursery
  • Catmose Pre-School
  • Casterton Childcare Centre & Pre-school
  • Little Ospreys Nursery
  • Edith Weston Reception & Nursery
  • Langham Nursery
  • Little Angles Nursery
  • Little Bloomers Nursery
  • Oakham Day Nursery
  • Rainbow Children Centre – Exton
  • Rainbow Children Centre – Ryhall
  • Scallywags Day Nursery
  • Upp-Starts Nursery & Pre-School
  • St Marys and St John Pre- School

Each setting receives:

  • Oral health training
  • A monitoring visit and follow-up calls
  • A first set of tooth brushes, tooth paste and racks
  • STBP guidelines

Feedback from employees has been overwhelming, commenting that they found all procedures easy to follow and a great addition to daily routine; giving children a better start. Costs are minimal and are supported either by the setting or by parents.

Children involved in the programme see tooth brushing as a fun activity and they love to do it all together.

Parents’ support has been essential. Their consent has enabled such a high percentage of children to participate in this successful programme.

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