General Anaesthetic

We provide NHS dental treatment  (fillings and extractions ) for:

  • Children in West Suffolk who require treatment with General Anaesthesia.
  • Adults with additional needs in West Suffolk who require treatment with General Anaesthesia.

 We welcome referrals from your dentist  (General Dental Practitioner) and once received we will offer you an assessment appointment at one of the following dental clinics:

  • Hillside Road Clinic
  • Haverhill Health Clinic
  • Mildenhall Health Clinic
  • Newmarket Community Hospital
  • Stowmarket Health Centre
  • Sudbury Community Health Centre


At your first appointment with you will be seen by a dentist for an assessment where you will be asked to provide information about your general health, including any medications you take and you will also be asked whether you pay for NHS dental treatment. A full list of those entitled to free NHS dental care is available on the NHS choices website -a  link to this is on the right of this page.

An assessment appointment usually takes between 20 and 40 minutes. After the dentist has checked your mouth and teeth, they will talk to you about any treatment needed and the options available to you which may include treatment under local anaesthetic (numbing the mouth), treatment with sedation or treatment under general anaesthesia.


Treatment will only be carried out in agreement with you and in a way that you are happy with. If you require dental treatment under general anaesthesia, the dentist will book you an appointment at West Suffolk Hospital and give you instructions on what to do before that appointment, on the day of appointment and after your treatment. The dentist may also offer you an appointment with our Oral Health Promotion Team to help you keep your teeth and mouth healthy to try to avoid another general anaesthetic in hospital in the future.

All your dental treatment will usually be done in one appointment under general anaesthesia at Martin Corke Day Surgery Unit at the West Suffolk Hospital. Expect to spend up to three to four hours at the Martin Corke Day Surgery Unit on the day of your treatment.  Once your treatment is complete you will be discharged back to your dentist for your routine dental care.

We aim to complete your treatment within 18 weeks of when we receive the referral letter from your dentist.


We do not see any patients for General Anaesthesia (GA) in East Suffolk. Referrals for GA in East Suffolk should be made on the OMFS form via Cambridge Community Services Oral Triage Service at Newmarket Hospital.

We provide only fillings and extractions under General Anaesthetic and do not provide periodontal treatment, crown or bridge work, root canal therapy or denture work under general anaesthetic.

We do not provide Minor Oral Surgery services in Suffolk.