School Dental Screening

We provide dental screening to priority primary schools in Suffolk. This is a basic examination of your child’s teeth with a mirror and a torch and carried out by one of our qualified dentists alongside a qualified dental nurse who work within the Community Dental Service and who are both DBS checked.

The purpose of dental screening is to identify whether children can benefit from dental treatment, and to identify if there are any problems which may need a closer look in the dental surgery. If this is the case, you will receive a letter after the screening advising you to contact your child’s general dental practitioner.  In addition the letter will provide information on accessing an NHS dentist in your area, if your child doesn’t already visit a dentist regularly.

Dental Screenings operate a positive consent policy which means we require your written consent in order to examine your child. You will receive a letter from us with the proposed screening date and a response slip for you to complete. In addition you will also receive “top tips” for your child’s oral health which will include oral hygiene and dietary information.

Screening does not replace regular check ups at the dentist and your child should continue to visit his or her dentist.

You can have help to find a dentist locally for your child if you haven’t already got one.  Please telephone the Patient Advice Liaison Service on: 0800 3896819

School Dental Screenings are only carried out on children from Nursery class to Class 4 inclusive in priority schools decided by the commissioners.

Following your child’s dental inspection you will receive a letter home if we feel you child would benefit from dental treatment or a more thorough examination with their dentist.